About our cat hotel


Our Vision at Katnapolsky Cat Hotel

We want our guests to feel happy and relaxed during their stay at Katnapolsky Cat Hotel, so we observe each guest individually to find out what he/she needs to feel comfortable. Our guests all have much in common, but each cat is different and may need special attention or a different approach. We respect that, and let the cat guide us in how much and when they want our attention.

This is one of many fascinating aspects to our interactions with our guests.

We want our guests to feel happy and relaxed during their stay at Katnapolsky Cat Hotel

A place of their own

We know that cats love to have a place where they feel safe, happy and comfortable. Therefore our guests have their own stress free suite. Guests who are housemates and  live together in harmony at home may share a suite, or if you prefer we can join 2 suites using a cat flap.

Ful tummies

Cats like to eat and feel happy when their tummies are filled. Therefore we serve their food in 4 rounds. Dry foods at  8:00, 13:00, 17:00 and as many cats like to eat at night we do a last round before ‘bedtime’. If your cat eats canned food we give this at the 17:00 round. 

Good supervision

As well as the relaxed and comfortable ambience, we have a small team of friendly professionals who all love to supervise our guests. Upon arrival our guests are weighed, and if necessary this may be repeated during the stay.

We also make a ‘suite card’  for each guest where we record daily food intake, and urine and stool activity. This enables us to act quickly if there are any irregularities.


Our staff interacts regularly with each guest not only giving hugs and care, but also stimulating and playing with them. We also have a Play Room for exploration and playtime, individually or with their housemates.

Soothing music

During the day we play relaxing jazz music for our guests, which adds to the overall comfortable ambience of our Cat Hotel.

Wonderful Temperature

The comfort of our guests is supported by our heating and cooling system. Our guests can depend on a pleasant, stable temperature during their stay.

In addition to that, our air conditioning system ensures that the air in each room is refreshed at least 6 times an hour.

Hygiene is important to us.

Our guests never come in contact with food or litter of a ‘strange’ cat, as even in the playroom they will only have their own housemates and own toys.


It‘s natural to interact physically with our guests, but we also make sure that there are enough cuddles and individual attention. Every guest gets the one-on-one time that they want. Some may want cudldles and hugs, others may prefer a gentle stroke, whilst another may prefer a ‘good conversation’. We provide it all - however they like it.