Katnapolsky Suites

We have designed our suites to be especially attractive and spacious for our guests. There are different types of suites available.


Katnapolsky suite

These are for our guests who are fit and well at the time of reservation. It has 3 levels, each of which can serve a different function.


The Senior Suite

These are specifically designed for our guests who are advanced in years but still enjoying life. If mobility is a problem these suites are spacious, on one level and in a quiet location where the temperature is a slightly warmer.


The Recovery Suite

For those guests who are temporarily in need of special care, for example, if recovering from an operation or fracture. Situated in the same room as the Senior suites, rest, comfort and special care can be provided.

The Playroom

A specially designed and appealing playroom for Katnapolsky guests. Here they can explore and play on their own or with their housemates (but never with a strange cat). This means that they will always be at ease and in their comfort zone.